Why You Need IELTS


KKCL is offering combined General/Academic IELTS Exam Preparation courses in the morning from 9am-12pm (every weekday) and in the evening from 6pm-9pm (Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

IELTS stands for ‘International English Language Testing System.’

Why should you study an IELTS preparation course?

We believe IELTS preparation is the best choice for students who wish to study towards a recognised English qualification, or students completing the Upper Intermediate level who are looking to improve and refine their English across the full range of skills.

The exam tests English proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing. It is run by Cambridge ESOL, IDP Education Australia and the British Council and carries international weight as an important and often essential English language qualification for both academic study and career development.

The IELTS website states that “IELTS is the world’s leading test of English for higher education, immigration and employment.”

Candidates can usually prepare for IELTS at two different levels:

General IELTS

The General Training test is for those who want to do work experience or training programs, secondary school, further education or migrate to an English-speaking country.

Academic IELTS

The Academic test is for those who want to study at a tertiary level in an English-speaking country but also a requirement for certain professions such as various medical workers.

Who Recognises IELTS?

IELTS is internationally recognised as an entry requirement by British, Australian, New Zealand, United States and Canadian universities. Your IELTS score reflects your ability to participate in academic seminars and write papers, so the higher the score, the better your chance of academic success.

IELTS is so well known as an ‘academic English’ qualification that people may forget it is useful in many other situations. IELTS is also accepted by more than 6000 organisations worldwide. These include immigration departments, government agencies, professional bodies and multinational companies.

To search for a recognising institution, please use the IELTS Global Recognition System.

The IELTS courses at KKCL will ensure that you are thoroughly prepared for the IELTS exam. Your general English understanding will also improve considerably. You can take the IELTS exam every month at one of many London exam centres.

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