ELT Podcast Episode 1: What Makes A Good Teacher?


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In this episode we talk about teachers from our past who left a lasting impression and draw some conclusions about what qualities are needed to be a really great teacher.

Any questions, suggestions or ideas for future topics? Please comment below or email us at podcast@kkcl.org.uk.

The KKCL ELT Podcast is presented by Phil Keegan and produced by Will Corner and Oliver Hipkins, with music by Oliver Hipkins, Steve Munns and Phil Keegan.

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3 Responses to “ELT Podcast Episode 1: What Makes A Good Teacher?”

  1. Ülle Säälik

    Great topic! Thanks for taking me to this journey! Remembered a lot of my teachers- inspiring or annoying, but both giving me a nice vision of what to be like.
    Hoping to hear some more soon!

  2. Bren

    Nice podcast.
    My favourite teacher was my PE teacher (even though I am an English language teacher now). Not only was he one of the cooler teachers in the school, (same as Mr Phillips in the podcast), but his attitude to sport was so passionate, inspiring and fair that you could apply any of those principles to your life skill set.

    He really drummed it into everyone (by example) that you could achieve anything with hard work and dedication. This was born out in the school’s team sport results. He encouraged everyone, not just the sporty ones, and he was respected by all.

    Regarding language teaching, I made a podcast with my Director of Studies about what makes a great English language teacher that you can listen to here for free….

    We speak about empathy as being the super important characteristic (amongst others) in all good teachers.


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