ELT Podcast Episode 2: Motivation or Why Does Anyone Do Anything?


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In episode two of the podcast, Phil Keegan and Oliver Hipkins chew over the topic of motivation and also get insights on the line from Jo Gakonga.


This Week’s Guest on the Podcast: Jo Gakonga

Jo has been teaching since 1989 and training teachers since 2000. She has worked in a range of countries including Taiwan, the Czech Republic, Kenya and Switzerland and currently works at Solihull College in the UK. She is the co-author of IELTS Foundation, published by Macmillan.She delivers courses and free monthly training webinars at http://elt-training.com

Books and Authors Mentioned

  • Essential Motivation in the Classroom

    Ian Gilbert

    A great book, full of insights and very entertaining to read. Ian Gilbert also has a website that is well worth a visit: http://www.independentthinking.co.uk/default.aspx

  • From Experience to Knowledge in ELT

    Julian Edge and Sue Garton
    Oxford Handbooks for Language Teachers

    An excellent book from an excellent series by OUP.

  • Ken Robinson


    Read his books, watch his talks. Sir Ken talks a lot of sense and is also very funny with it.

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2 Responses to “ELT Podcast Episode 2: Motivation or Why Does Anyone Do Anything?”

  1. Jonathan Sayers

    Nice podcast. One comment though: I think of intrinsic and integrative motivation as different. Integrative is about use of the language to integrate into a society or culture, whereas intrinsic motivation comes through enjoyment of the activity or task in itself. Enjoyable activities may increase intrinsic motivation regardless of whether there is any integrative motivation for the learners.

    • Phil Keegan

      Hi Jonathan,

      Thanks a lot for the feedback. You have a good point. I think I was thinking along the lines of interest in the language and culture v interest in what learning the language can bring you in terms of tangible benefits. In the latter case, the learner would learn whatever language(s) would bring the desired benefits whereas in the former, the learner just wants to learn a specific language. I take your point though.




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