ELT Podcast Episode 4: Technology and Language Learning Pt 2


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Episode Four of the podcast is Technology and Language Learning Part Two with Phil Keegan, Will Corner and Oliver Hipkins, and featuring the second part of the interview with Nik Peachey.

This week’s guest on the podcast: Nik Peachey

Nik Peachey is a freelance technology consultant, teacher trainer, writer and course designer specialising in educational technology and ELT.

For more information about Nik, please see the blog page for episode 3.

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Well done Jo Gakonga!
Our guest from episode two of the podcast, Jo Gakonga, has won second prize in the British Council Master Dissertation Award. Congratulations to Jo from the KKCL ELT podcast team!
You can read more here:

One of Phil’s articles has been republished in Share; TESL Canada’s e-magazine:

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